Nigel Lambert

Nigel studied at Cornwall College and went on to work at a pottery in North Devon. Inspired to challenge the notion of functional pottery being of secondary status to larger and more individual pots, he was determined to change this apparent hierarchy and find strength of expression and creativity purely through domestic ware.

Nigel embarked on a course in the early eighties and learned all about the technical and practical aspects of clay, running a pottery studio and tool making. He even built his own kiln and kick wheel which he used for many years in his pottery. His passion for domestic ware was ignited when he stepped through the door of the throwing room and saw the vast array of regimented pots that filled the shelves. He still experiences excitement at the thought of people using his pots in their daily lives.

In 1987, Nigel set up his own studio and started taking great interest in the pleasures of cooking. The relationship between food and pots seemed perfectly matched and his work began to be imbued with that consideration. Ingredients and dishes from international cultures and cuisines inspire him so he makes pots with the resulting dish in mind.