Ostinelli and Priest

Gaynor Ostinelli and Paul Priest, or Ostinelli & Priest, are well known for their animal sculptures which draw on both domestic and wildlife. Exhibited around the world, their work is represented in numerous galleries, public and private collections in the UK and overseas. The animals they sculpt varies as their subjects, and the demand for the work, expands.

Paul studied Graphic Design, photography and illustration before setting up a ceramic working studio. Since working with Gaynor the work has successfully flourished and developed into its present phase, through necessity the working format of the partnership has changed in that Paul now predominantly models the work, while Gaynor is free to design and research the subjects, alongside curating presentation and photography.

When commencing a project, their process involves forming an armature over which clay is applied and then modelled to achieve the desired subject. After the first firing the duo consider the piece carefully as a three-dimensional canvas before applying underglaze colour to create the finished work.