Paula Downing

Paula’s childhood dream from the age of eight was to become a potter based by the sea.  She studied drawing, painting and art history at school followed by a Fine Art and Ceramics course at college.  She has pursued teaching and making ever since and moving to Cornwall in 2000 gave Paula more time, inspiration, and the fulfilment of her childhood dream. The Cornish land/seascape, coastline profiles, ancient heritage and mining history are an endless source of inspiration for her work.

Paula’s work begins with physical exploration and observation of the environment around her. Drawings, paintings, photographs, and collected information made on site are put away once in the studio and she works intuitively from what remains from memory. Numerous clays of different types are used in the same piece giving variety of colour and texture to create the hand-built forms. The pieces are completed by layering oxides and slips onto the surface.

“The Cornish landscape is powerful and moody, hopefully, my work is a direct, honest and respectful response to the world that remains unchanged by modern humankind.” Paula Downing.