Peter Wills

Peter has been a professional potter since 1989, evolving over the years within the context of attention to detail, balanced form and decoration, and passion – all of which he believes are crucial.

He works with a blend of English porcelain. His current production is almost exclusively one-off bowls and vases. Most work is thrown on a potter’s wheel, raw-glazed when bone dry and once fired to 1280°C. The lure of new glazes he finds irresistible and he is constantly experimenting with and developing new glaze recipes.

“Inspiration for me comes from simple things; pots from ancient China to modern Europe; the looseness, freedom and life of Bizen wares, the wonderful colours, textures and forms of Lucie Rie’s work; the inverted profile of a hat, a blackbird singing outside my bedroom window.”

Widely exhibited in Britain, Europe, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, and the USA. Peter is a member of South Wales Potters, and a selected member of The Craft Potters Association of Great Britain.