Priscilla Mouritzen

Priscilla was born in Cape Town, South Africa and attended the School of Art in Durban before setting up her own ceramic studio in England in 1968. She spent a decade in England before moving to Denmark where she has lived and worked since.

Priscilla makes porcelain pinch pots with graphic surface etchings revealed in underglaze. Her monochrome pots are often wood-fired.

“I enjoy exploring the feelings of intimacy and expressiveness that the small scale and the slight unevenness of the pinched surface gives.

All the pinched bowls I make are the same size: hand-sized – as deep and as wide as the reach of thumb and fingers allow in the pinching process.

The bowls are decorated according to a simple dogma rule: the pattern on the inside must also be carried over to the outside surface. The difference between the way the pattern reacts to being placed on a concave or a convex surface is the challenge.”

Priscilla is a regular participant in seminars and conferences on ceramics, is a board member of the Guldagergaard Ceramic Centre in Denmark and exhibits in Europe and internationally.


Profile photo courtesy of Woodfire NC