Rachel Foxwell

Rachel studied Ceramics at Cardiff School of Art and Design, graduating in 2000. She now makes her slab-built vessels in her garden studio in Frome, Somerset.  

Inspired by the ever-changing colour and light within the landscape, Rachel combines artistic expression with traditional craft skills and an innovative decorating technique to create abstract compositions on a clay canvas. Rachel’s work captures a sense of the landscape, her own experience communicated through colour and linear mark making.  

Layers of ceramic slips are meticulously applied to finely rolled earthenware clay slabs, the vessels are assembled to create simple cylindrical forms, marrying form and surface so they become one indivisible unit. The pieces play on contrast between the rough organic feel of textured ceramic slip and the luscious polished surface of clay.  

“Although my pieces appear subtle on first appearance within the composition, there is a range of colour contrasts and modulations to be found.”