Robyn Hardyman

Robyn creates finely thrown vessels in porcelain, for both decoration and use. She is inspired by the combination of delicacy and strength in porcelain. She creates pieces whose pared-back forms evoke a sense of balance and harmony, whether in a bowl wide open to the skies or a moon jar in its spherical containment. Surface decoration is minimal – an incised line around a narrow foot, or a slip decoration to add a dynamic to the stillness of a moon jar.

Robyn relishes the pure surface that porcelain offers for a glaze and her work uses a palette of serene glaze colours and textures, a variety of surfaces to complement the restrained forms. This is an ongoing process; the thrill of experiment and discovery is always motivating her practice.

Robyn takes inspiration from a lifelong appreciation of ceramics, especially the classic forms created over the centuries in China and Japan. She trained at Oxford City College for three years before setting up her studio practice in Oxford in 2014.