Sabine Nemet

Sabine completed an apprenticeship as a thrower in 1998 with Hans Joachim Grünert in Waldenburg (Sachsen) in East Germany, followed by a three-year training as a production thrower where she was introduced to wood firing. She became enthralled by the high demands of wood-firing. In 2000, she came to England to gain more experience and met fellow potter, Nic Collins who became her partner. In 2001, she moved to Devon.

Sabine and Nic make their own clay from clays sourced locally. She makes domestic ware which is mainly thrown, sometimes altered and decorated with stamps she makes from porcelain inspired by nature. These are then pressed into the clay, the pieces applied with ash or soda glaze and fired in a wood kiln she built in 2013.

The excitement of wood-firing endures and her resulting work is tactile and inviting. It’s Sabine’s wish that they are used on a daily basis in the kitchen and around the home.