Sara Dodd

Sara Dodd is a Welsh ceramic artist living and working in North London. Training at Cardiff Metropolitan University, she graduated in 2013 with a BA(Hons) in Ceramics. Sara is interested in sky and landscapes often referencing the regions of South Wales where she grew up. Sara has recently begun exploring the passage of time in relation to these ideas and locations.

Sara aims to elicit curiosity in her viewers, capture amazement and raise questions of the general notions of ceramics. To form her works, she uses slip to create wafer thin pieces of ceramic. With repetition she then constructs these individual units, building them up to form sculptures and wall-based installations. For Sara, the firing itself is an important tool of her process, using the high firing temperatures within the kiln, and the natural materiality of porcelain to move and shift. Sara capitalises on these movements to manipulate her designs and add a finishing touch to her free-standing pieces. These sculptures capture a moment in time from the firing, immortalizing each piece. Sara integrates a balance of design and chance to bring freedom and individuality to her work.

“It’s a wonderful delight to tell people the pieces are ceramic, and to see their amazement as they realise these pieces are made of porcelain.”