Suleyman Saba

Suleyman makes tableware and individual stoneware pots. The forms he makes and the glazes he uses bring together traditional techniques with modern sensibilities. Various combinations of feldspathic and iron-saturated glazes are applied to the pots, which are then fired in oxidation to 1280°C.

His training in ceramics started at the Camberwell College of Arts and was followed by an apprenticeship with Kevin Millward in Stoke-on-Trent, before returning to London to establish his own studio.

Most of the work is thrown on the potter’s wheel using white stoneware clay.  Ideas for new pots often emerge during the stage of throwing; and this probably explains why, after 30 years, his fascination with the potter’s wheel continues. Ultimately, he considers pots as sculpture, being intrigued by their forms most of all; the nuances of a thrown profile revealing endless possibilities for future designs.

Work is held in the many public collections including the Ashmolean Museum, National Museum of Wales and York Art Gallery.