Tanya Gomez

Tanya Gomez is a celebrated ceramist renown for her porcelain vessels in her signature lustrous colours.

With an MA in Ceramics from the Royal College of Art, Tanya’s process is practice led. Developed from traditional methods and disciplines Tanya has honed her skills over the last 15 years and uses dynamic throwing, cutting and assembling techniques to create large cylindrical shapes. Impactful both individually and as a group, her vessels create expressive, vivid landscapes and fluid, architectural forms.

From years working on sailing yachts, travelling the world and coastal living, Tanya has absorbed the abstract qualities of colour and shape, particularly at sea and uses this to inspire her art forms and evocative glazes.

“My vessels and installations can look like they are flowing, clay is contradictory like that. You’re using this beautiful soft material but to manipulate it my movements are directive, strong and controlled”.

As a master in her craft, Tanya’s contemporary and original work is recognised by the Arts Council and Craft Council of England. She has gained much acclaim exhibiting internationally and continues to evolve her style, experimenting and pushing her practice and the boundaries of her craft.