Yusun Won

Yusun is drawn by the vessel form. She found a way to explore vessel forms while observing a bottle from the Korean Joseon Dynasty which was constructed by joining two different forms. Looking at the attached part of the bottle, she imagined opening the enclosed part and seeing what was hidden inside. She started her practice exploring such Joseon ceramics as the moon jar with which she is familiar. Yusun divides a vessel into an outer and inner form and designs inner shapes. She hand-builds her work with white porcelain. Stacking clay and pressing the surface of the work, she feels and shapes with her hands.

From a distance, her work looks like one piece. However, viewers discover something hidden inside on closer inspection. Seeing work from above, viewers can roughly imagine what the inner piece would be like. The inner piece taken out can exist as an independent piece next to the outer piece. Her work embodies a variety of appearances depending on viewing points and locations.