Richard Wilson

Large bowl RW378Y330

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This vessel is wheel-thrown and altered in earthenware clay and decorated with brightly coloured slip, balancing colour and design with the form. The gestural and spontaneous abstract marks are created with different shaped brushes so that the slips are treated as oil paints. Fine slip trailed lines are added to enliven the form.




25.5 cm


21.5 cm





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About this maker

Born and brought up in Norwich, Richard has been making pots since the early 1970s. After studying for two years at Great Yarmouth College of Art, he worked from 1974 to 1980 at Le Dieu Pottery in Norwich before spending 3 years in Australia and New Zealand, and a further five in Germany.

He is inspired by Hungarian and Romanian slipware from the 1800s and by English country pottery. Recently his work has explored colour and abstract patterns in strong forms that capture the ebb and flow of the sea and the landscape of South West Dorset.