Line & Form – Emily Myers, Anna Silverton and Ali Tomlin

13 Feb - 7 Mar

This elegant group show features three women ceramists whose work explores the integration of form and surface.

Emily Myers combines well-proportioned forms with meticulous sculptural finishes. Her works are thrown in red stoneware and then altered and carved by steady hand, creating highly organised and twisting facets that impart a visual lightness.

Anna Silverton’s wheel-thrown porcelain vases and bowls reveal her continual pursuit for new combinations of intriguing form. She gradually pushes and evolves these shapes over time, pairing subtly surprising profiles with tactile glazes that accentuate their contours.

Ali Tomlin creates clean forms enlivened by expressive marks. She takes an individual approach to making each piece, throwing simple silhouettes on the wheel while contemplating their corresponding surfaces.

Don’t miss this chance to see how three accomplished artists explore similar concepts to creatively different ends.