Past Exhibitions

Modern Classics by Paul Philp

Paul Philp
Thursday 9th July - Saturday 25th July

Paul Philp unites refined classic forms with highly tactile surfaces to create pieces of strong individual identity.

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Lisa Hammond MBE

Lisa Hammond
Wednesday 29th July - Saturday 22nd August

Lisa Hammond MBE, a pioneer of soda-glaze firing, combines strong uncomplicated forms with tactile surfaces.

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Paper, Scissors, Slip

Sophie MacCarthy, Richard Phethean
Thursday 27th August - Saturday 19th September

Sophie MacCarthy and Richard Phethean’s established careers have embraced bold decoration and a joyous approach to colour through the use of slip on their earthenware pieces. In this exhibition Sophie’s classic forms and intricate stencil decoration sit well together with Richard’s meticulous abstract designs on curious constructed shapes.

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A Continuous Line

Adam Frew
Thursday 24th September - Saturday 17th October

This solo exhibition features the work of Adam Frew, a potter based in rural Northern Ireland. Working in porcelain Adam creates thrown functional and large one-off pots with intricate, colourful, markings.

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Emotions of the Inorganic

Akiko Hirai
Thursday 22nd October - Saturday 14th November

This solo exhibition celebrates the work of Akiko Hirai featuring her practical and decorative ceramic ware. Her Japanese cultural background and aesthetics strongly influence this collection while each piece is also perfectly rooted in contemporary designs.

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Christmas Gifts

Wednesday 11th November - Thursday 31st December

Our Christmas Gift Collection will change weekly, bringing together carefully chosen pieces by many of our most collectable artists each time, to highlight our broad range of handcrafted pieces perfect for presents. 

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Ashley Howard – Gathered Thoughts

Ashley Howard
Thursday 4th February - Saturday 27th March

Ashley Howard is an award winning ceramic artist and dedicated teacher creating porcelain vessels informed by Far-Eastern and homespun pottery traditions.

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Matthew Chambers – Revolve and Twist

Matthew Chambers
Thursday 1st April - Sunday 25th April

Matthew Chambers is an internationally recognised ceramic artist creating mesmerising sculptures that draw the eye into the deepest depth of each piece.

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