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Peter Beard

Peter Beard

Thursday 15th September - Saturday 8th October 2022

Peter Beard’s work has been loosely inspired by flat textured surfaces in stone, both man-made and natural, and is a continuation of his exploration of form and colour. Integrating more complex patterns to his usually wax resist techniques, Peter will also be going in a slightly new direction in the forms and techniques of his ground work. 

Wax resist technique is layering glaze and painting patterns in wax between the layers to create pattern and texture with the wax burning away in the kiln. Peter builds to 1cm thickness and glazes his pieces up to three times before grinding away at the surface to reveal the colours and patterns formed within the structure, starting coarse and going finer until the surface is silky smooth. This process means that the works can take up to six months to make. 

“I hope people will get pleasure from my work over many years and continually see new areas of beauty within the surface.  To have a timeless quality.” 


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