Please note: This Exhibition has finished

The Elemental Landscape

Sarah Jenkins

Patricia Shone

Thursday 26th August - Saturday 18th September 2021

In this bold group show, we bring you new work by two accomplished and risk-taking makers working at opposite ends of the UK.

Sarah Jenkins works from her house and studio surrounded by farmland in North Essex. Patricia Shone has been living and working on the Isle of Skye for the past 25 years. Though surrounded by starkly different landscapes, these artists both use clay to express their responses to the land.

Each artist favours handbuilding as a making process, embracing textured and carved surfaces that possess a raw, tactile quality. Patricia’s works achieve soft earthenware blacks and greys through raku, wood and charcoal saggar firing, while Sarah embraces satin like surfaces, some bearing graphic line work and others revealing abstract patterns of colour. Both bodies of work are organic and elemental in nature, sitting in harmonious dialogue with one another.

Join us in admiring this elemental collection full of detail and nuance.

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