Sarah Jenkins

Sarah Jenkins works from her house and studio surrounded by farmland in North Essex. Drawing inspiration from the natural world, Sarah’s pieces stem from her appreciation of the sky, earth, land and fields.

Building her pieces by hand she fires them to around 1200ºC, the process often involves multiple firings to achieve her signature matt effect.

Sarah first became interested in ceramics while studying her degree in Fine Art, where her path became increasingly focused on working in clay. In 2007 she moved back to her roots and dedicated her time fully to ceramics, after living and working as a plasterer and decorator in London for many years. Her work has since been widely exhibited across the UK and abroad, including in Australia and Switzerland.

“I’m on a search for the sacred – truth and beauty and the resonating frequency of the land. I tend away from the utilitarian and towards the abstract, but break my own rules, making light-pieces out of bone china in stark contrast to the more sculptural works.” – Sarah Jenkins