Sarah Jenkins

Sarah Jenkins works from her house and studio surrounded by farmland in North Essex. Her work predominantly features abstract, asymmetrical shapes, with bold surfaces that she carefully marks while leather-hard and decorates with slip, sometimes also incorporating delicate applications of gold leaf.

Drawing inspiration the natural world, Sarah’s pieces stem from an appreciation of the sky, earth, fields and the changing weather. Building her pieces by hand she fires each of them multiple times (to around 1100ºC) until she has created her signature matt effect.

Sarah first became interested in ceramics while studying her degree in Fine Art, where her path became increasingly focused on working in clay. In 2007 she moved back to her home region of Essex and dedicated her time fully to ceramics, after living and working as a plasterer and decorator in London for many years. She has since exhibited her ceramics in many well-known galleries across the UK and abroad, including Australia and Switzerland.