Please note: This Exhibition has finished

Visceral Connections

Sue Hanna

Antonia Salmon

Thursday 29th April - Saturday 22nd May 2021

Sue Hanna and Antonia Salmon are renowned for their sculptural abstract ceramics, both creating strong forms with dynamic smoke-fired surfaces. These works are displayed in high-profile collections across the UK and internationally.

Antonia often explores the themes of containment and holding in her work, while other pieces examine the role of dynamism and stillness within one form. The pieces in this exhibition have been inspired by the works of Charles Causley, a Cornish Poet who captured the spirit of the landscape.

“Many of the works are hand built, using coiling, pinching and mould-making techniques,” Antonia says. “The forms are carefully honed to their final form, hand burnished and smoke fired. I hope that people will find a depth and mystery beyond words in the sculptures.”

Sue cites her interest in the visceral connection between nature, tribal art and fire. “My recent work is concerned with exploring the figure in the abstract, as well as objects decorated with geometric symbols and rhythmic patterns present in African art.”

Having recently invested in a new, larger kiln, Sue explores works on a larger scale in this exhibition. She also introduces locally sourced clay into her decorative process, creating a variety of slips to help develop her works’ surfaces.

Evoking a sense of timelessness, this collection invites the viewer to enjoy the contrasting surfaces of each piece and the presence found within their simplicity.

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