Andy Mason

Andy was born and raised in North Staffordshire, aware of the nearby manufactured ceramics and the historical legacy of ‘The Potteries’. Beyond pottery lessons at school, Andy undertook a vocational craft-based course at the University of Derby.


Aspects from nature and landscape bring inspiration into his studio, which led to the creation of a range of tableware made with a fluid, direct approach, using the natural energy of throwing, together with glazing and firing methods to ensure pots that are tactile, functional and robust.


He values simplicity and tries to resist the impulse to be too precise, or to overwork the form or surface. He appreciates the subtle asymmetry of form, often incorporating sgraffito motifs onto a glazed surface to create a pleasing composition with food. At times embellishment sneaks in, allowing a more expressive influence on the finished surface.


Andy comments about his work: “It’s a distillation of ideas and imagery, meeting technique and creative expression, translated through ceramics. These concepts can bring their own value and meaning, though the simple purpose of putting good food together with handmade pottery has an immediate appeal to the senses.”