Carol Wainwright

Carol is an artist potter and textile designer based in Yorkshire, England. Her highly individual practice explores the sensuous relationships between form, colour, texture and pattern; often using unexpected combinations of glazes and oxides to create unique and highly durable objects for daily use in the home.


Carol makes stoneware plates and bowls embodying within their forms, colours, patterns and textures, informed through rigorous research and an intuitive understanding of her craft. Her thrown plates and bowls are often sensuously distorted in the round, being turned whilst still soft, characterising them with an individual quirkiness as they gently modulate the space they inhabit.


Taking these blank forms as a canvas for ideas, she employs a wide range of glazing and brushwork techniques; extending their possibilities through the judicious placement of expressive strokes of coloured slips and glazes, alongside abstract marks and motifs with paper cut stencilling and wax resist.


The accidental or unexpected is positively welcomed as part of this formative process; sometimes as a potential to expand or push against, but also as part of an ongoing dialogue, initiated during the early routine of repetitive clay preparation and glaze mixing – “allowing time for the mind to wander and ideas to come”.