Jane Perryman

Jane has been a member of the Craft Potters Association for over 35 years. Her early work explored ancient making and firing processes of hand building and smoke firing using linear based surface marking.

“For the last decade I’ve integrated the different aspects of my making and writing practise to explore interlocking ideas of time and place through sequential forms.”

For this new exhibition, Jane will be showing a group of hemispherical double walled bowls mixed with different organic and man-made materials collected randomly, each a metaphor for memory and words. Using combinations of press moulding, coiling and slabbing processes before burnishing the surface, her pieces are then low fired and then refined with sandpaper followed by a higher temperature firing.

Her round bottomed forms balance on a tiny point enabling them to rock from side to side without falling over and return to their subtly off-centre place of stillness. They are both vulnerable and secure. The composite pieces explore tension and balance. They are not static but invite interaction through repositioning into new arrangements and compositions. The visually perceived weight is ambiguous as all works have internal volume through double walls.

“I hope the work rests somewhere within the space of opposites, expressing qualities of stillness and contemplation but also imbued with energy & tension.”