Jane Perryman

vessel JP167Y102

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Hand-built double walled vessel constructed using a combination of slabbing, press moulding & coiling. The clay is a mixture of porcelain and stoneware – often mixed with organic or manmade material which fires out creating a pitted surface. The piece is burnished, then low fired, refined with sandpaper, and is finished in a higher temperature firing. 

Note: Jane advises against displaying black fired works in direct sunlight.




25.5 cm


31.5 cm


Porcelain, Stoneware

Firing Technique:



Hand Built

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About this maker

For this new exhibition, Jane will be showing a group of hemispherical double walled bowls mixed with different organic and man-made materials collected randomly, each a metaphor for memory and words. Using combinations of press moulding, coiling and slabbing processes before burnishing the surface, her pieces are then low fired and then refined with sandpaper followed by a higher temperature firing.