Guide to gifting Contemporary Ceramics

Discover new pieces from well known artists

Shop by maker

If you already have a maker in mind, you’re half way there! Each of our makers have a unique and recognisable style, which makes their pieces perfect for a one-of-a-kind gift to treasure.

Use ‘shop by maker’ or visit the maker’s profile to see which pieces we have available. Alternatively, you can visit our online shop and filter by maker name. By visiting the maker profile you’re able to find out more about the artist, their background, and how their pieces are made. Knowing the story behind a handcrafted gift is sure to make someone feel extra special, so we recommend visiting their page!

Image: Sandy Brown

If you know what they’re interested in…

Shop by category, filter by material or firing type


While dinner parties might be off the table at the moment, take a look at our dishes, plates and bowls by filtering by category in our online shop, or visiting our category homepage. If you’re shopping for someone house proud then finding a vase, vessel or sculpture that complements the style of their home is sure to make it a treasured item all year round.

Whether you know someone who is a fan of earthenware or porcelain, raku or soda firing, we’ve made it easy to find the piece you’re looking for, head to our online shop and explore what we have to offer using the firing and materials filters.

Plates and Servers

Plate by Fiona Thomson


Bowl by Kyra Cane

In need of a little more inspiration?

Browse our weekly Christmas Selection

If you have someone in mind, but you’re not sure where to start, each week we’re putting together a new handpicked selection from across our collection. Bringing you new pieces and new names to discover. As we select pieces from our artists that can sit side by side, we hope you’ll see something you might not have noticed before, or glimpse a piece that’s exactly what you’re looking for. Visit our Christmas Gifts exhibition and check back as we select new works to be included.

Suleyman Saba



Emily Myers

Ikebana Vase


Adam Frew



Sophie MacCarthy

Blue Circle Mug


On a budget?

Filter by price or shop ‘Under £50’

If you want something special, made with care and attention, but maybe you’re not in a position to buy a statement piece, don’t worry we have a great selection of smaller handcrafted pieces from well known names, as well as up and coming artists, all under £50. Not bad for a one-of-a-kind piece made by hand. Head to the online shop and filter ‘low to high’ or visit our ‘Under £50’ category.