David Frith

large square server DF42Y98

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This large server is hand-built in stoneware clay, decorated with brushed and trailed slips, and natural ash glazes, then fired under heavy reduction.






Hand Built, Slab Built

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About this maker

David was born in 1943 in Lancashire, he trained at Flintshire Technical College, Wimbledon School of Art, and Stoke on Trent College of Art, studying under Derek Emms. After meeting and marrying Margaret, a fellow potter, they established their first workshop in 1963 in Denbigh, North Wales.

David’s work descends from the Leach and British Studio Pottery tradition, where the aesthetics and ideologies of the East and West ignited a new tradition of high fired ceramics. He makes large bottles, jars and platters with a base celadon glaze decorated with his personal style of hakeme, rope impress and waxed motifs under heavy reduction overglazes and combined with ashed surfaces.