Please note: This Exhibition has finished

Salt and Soda

Jeremy Steward

Ruthanne Tudball

Thursday 1st July - Saturday 24th July 2021

Ruthanne Tudball and Jeremy Steward each have longstanding careers in ceramics creating work that feels organic and holds an earthy authenticity. Jeremy wood fires and salt glazes his work while Ruthanne is renowned for her soda glaze firing, both resulting in rich, layered surfaces.

Working from the renowned Wobage workshop in rural Herefordshire, Jeremy Steward is inspired by the soft fluidity of the materials themselves — clay on the wheel, slip and raw glaze. His work is often decorated by using wooden roulettes and stamps to impress deeply textured patterns into the freshly thrown forms.

Based in Norfolk, Ruthanne Tudball has welcomed the way that sketching, and life drawing in particular, has trained her eye, helping to develop the sense of form she translates into her ceramic art. Ruthanne’s functional pieces are assembled and manipulated while wet, capturing the soft organic quality of clay.

Don’t miss the chance to collect a piece from this beautiful collection of new works by two highly influential makers.

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