Please note: This Exhibition has finished

Tanya Gomez, Jenny Southam, Richard Wilson

Tanya Gomez

Jenny Southam

Richard Wilson

Thursday 27th May - Saturday 26th June 2021

Bringing together the joy of colour with bold and creative shapes, this exhibition celebrates the versatility of clay as seen in expressive statement ceramics. The show features recent work by three high profile makers.

Tanya Gomez is a renowned for her undulating porcelain vessels in her signature lustrous hues. Working from East Sussex, she throws the vessels in sections on the wheel, later joining them and sculpting the rims when the clay is leather hard. She conducts multiple firings to achieve her brilliant finishes. In this exhibition Tanya introduces softer glazes in celadon and white alongside the energetic hues for which she is known.

“This body of work is full of joy in making and an affirmation of what I love doing. I know the pieces well and there are challenges in each vessel.” –Tanya Gomez

Jenny Southam‘s hand built and decorated figurative sculptures draw from the realms of European and English mythology, from domestic incidents and rituals, and most recently, from vintage knitting patterns. The Devon based artist predominantly uses a lightly grogged terracotta, which picks up the most subtle of modelled figurative expressions. Each ceramic piece is its own psychological drama.

“When I enter the studio I am searching for that serene state of absolute absorption that making and drawing can gift us, which we all wish will, in some manner, enrich our audience.” –Jenny Southam

Richard Wilson interprets the beauty of the creative world around us through patterns and colours, using pots as three-dimensional canvases. Through works that explore a simplicity of form he will showcase decoration created using iron pigment he collected from the cliffs at West Bay.

“Decoration is the journey I take to balance colour and design. I treat the slips like oil paints, using different brushes to create shapes and pattern, and draw with a slip trailer on top.” –Richard Wilson

Together these artists present a show full of diversity, colour, expression and craftsmanship.

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