Stephen Parry

Stephen Parry first trained at Croydon College of Art between 1974 – 1977, then moving on to Dartington Workshop until 1979 before discovering a passion for wood-fired ceramics in France.

In 1981 Stephen set up his present pottery at Ryeburgh, near Fakenham in rural Norfolk and has been making a range of functional pots and one-off wood fired pieces using stoneware and porcelain clays ever since.

Using two very different wood firing kilns, Stephen’s work reflects the natural process his pieces go through. His anagama kiln is fired for three or four days, the flames and wood ash that enter the kiln during the firing process create a variety of colours and textures on each piece, often dependent on their place in the kiln. A second kiln is a 125 cubic feet down draft kiln which also uses a variety of wood ash glazes. These fluid natural coloured glazes give Stephen’s pots a fresh look, as though they’re still wet from the wheel.

“I now make small batches and one off functional pots, hand thrown on kick wheels, using high firing stoneware and porcelain clays. My work ranges from pots designed for use at the table, to larger pieces some over 4ft tall.” – Stephen Parry